Actors Ink - Valdis Andersons

Valdis Andersons

Age Range:62 - 68 years

Education / Training

1971-1976 BA (Hons) Dip Ed Flinders uni
2002 Acting for Screen Kathryn Dean School of Media and Performing Arts







National Cinematic Master Class

Master Class

National Touring Programme – Screen Acting


Introduction to Acting

Radio Course



Actors Ink

Actors Ink

National Institute of Dramatic Art

Actors ink

Vaughan Harvey School of Radio









2005   Murder at Doom Manor Role: Christopher Daw Park Players

Director: Maris Caune

2000 Lysistrata Y2K Role: premier Falson Actors Ink Workshop Play

Director: John Doherty

2002 Latvian Theatre Festival Role: Namnieks  (a visitor from America) Director: Maris Caune
2000 Latvian Arts Festival Theatre Production Role” Janis Deglavs Director: Maris Caune



            Dr Plonk Featured extra – Ministerial Advisor Director: Rolf de Heer
  Travelling Light Featured extra – Icecream Vendor Director: Kathryn Millard
  The Honourable Wally Norman Extra – Country Resident Director:Ted Emery
  Black and White Extra - Journalist Director: Craig Lahiff
  Innocence Extra – Graveyard official Director: Paul Cox
  The Boys Are Back Extra - Journalist Director: Scott Hicks
  Gypsy Role: The Clown Director: Todd Gregory
  Shadows of Guilt Role: The Father Director: Lana Matic
  Sugar Role: The Father Director: Natalie Fullgrabe
  Loco Role: The Psychiatrist Director: Christian Fullgrabe
  The Box Role:The Father (main part) Director: Brett Layton
  Numb Role: Chief of Police Director: Deepak Chopra
  PS: We’re Out of Milk Role: Zoron (Daddy) Director: Jennifer Jones (Corridor Films)
  The Hit Role: Politician/husband/father Director: Peter Wolfe
  All My Relations Role: Nelson (main part) Director: Julia Elsbeth
  Lethal Angel Role: Police Commisioner Director: Leona Hermann
  Shadows Role: Real Estate Salesperson Director: Leona Hermann
  My Dream Role: Father/Husband Director: Stan Helejko
  I Can Fly


Cattle Call

Role: Mental Patient


Role: the Director

Director: Nathan Checker


Director: David Wolfe-Barry








  McLeod’s Daughters

Millenium Television

Farmer – Episode: “Make Believe” Director: Richard Jasek
    Farmer (“Bill”) – Episode:      Stripped Bare Director: Chris Martin-Jones
  Chuck Finn

Barron Television

Extra – Tingala township local on a number of epsiodes  


Turner’s Real Estate 100 per cent - Vendor  
  Hardy’s Oomoo Shiraz 100 per cent - Cellar Door Visitor  
  Furniture Works 100 per cent – Store Manger U-Tel
  Carpet Giants 100 per cent – Store Owner/Manager Long Shot Productions
  Harris Scarfe’s 100 per cent – Satisfied Customer Wilson Everard
Extra in:
  • Delfin Lifestyle
  • Cash Convertors,
  • The Advertiser/Sunday Mail,
  • Triple MMM,
  • SAFM
  • Rundle Mall Promo,
  • Dairy Farmer’s milk,
  • SA Tourism,
  • Mitsubishi Triton,
  • Pub TAB,
  • Banker’s Trust,
  • Motor Accident Commission,
  • BRL
  • Hardy’s Wines,
  • Mitsubishi Express,
  • Ord Minnett Financial Services,
  • Transport Adelaide,
  • West End,
  • Mitsubishi Anniversary Sale,
  • Bank SA,
  • Skycity Casino,
  • Toyota Kluger,
  • Gouger Rugs,
  • Keith Bowden Electrical






  Globe Derby Park    
  Lutheran Community Care Promotional Video    
  Additional Dialogue Recording “Paradise Found” Director: Mario Andreacchio
  Additional Dialogue Recording “Young Blades” Director: Mario Andreacchio




Other Information

John Schumann Music Video “Clancy of the Overflow” – Role: The Barman

Burnside Plastics Advertising Brochure – Producer: Killey, Withy, Punshon

Furniture Works Advertising Brochure – Producer: Killey, Withy, Punshon

Croplands Advertising Brochure

Time Management Training Video – Producer: Our Bizness

Mitsubishi  Mini Bus Training and Pomotional Video





2005-2009 Coast FM (community radio) – Announcer

1997-98 5MU (Murray Bridge) Announcer: Midnight to Dawn



Currently employed as Communications Coordinator

                                        Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA)

                                        SA/NT District